What features does the IP Cloud offer?

Private Pages

Are you tired of worrying about your images, statuses, and private information being exposed or stolen? Private Facebook and Twitter page interfaces ensure your privacy.

Private Browsing

With our SSL VPN, using 2048 bit encryption, you can browse privately and securely from any computer, even from remote locations.

Host your Own Data

When you maintain your files, data, and personal information on your own system, they are safe and your ownership rights stay intact.


As you grow accustomed to what the IP Cloud has to offer, you can add more features and services through the integrated Appstore.

Unified Threat Management

Security kicked up a few knotches; UTM is the combination of Firewall, Intrusion Detection, Browser Based Antivirus and Secure Proxy Services

Private Email

The IP Cloud includes a private email server with webmail, private messaging, and private mail. For the highest security, your recipient can log into your secure server to read their message – it never leaves your network!